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Teeth Bleaching

To obtain the million dollar smile one can turn to a variety of dental procedures which will help the teeth have a perfect appearance. Teeth bleaching is a procedure which helps obtain perfect white teeth by using certain ingredients with bleaching effects. Find out all about teeth bleaching so your teeth can look amazing.

People have been turning to teeth bleaching dental procedures since they first appeared in order to obtain a perfect radiant white smile. There has always been something about immaculate white and this seems to appeal to teeth as well. White expresses health and hygiene so no wonder white teeth are on everyone's mind.

Why do teeth need bleaching?
Over time teeth can start to loose their whitish appearance due to a variety of factors. Age, plaque, improper tooth care and certain foods and beverages like coffee, teas, certain berries and smoking can leave a negative imprint over out teeth making them receive a yellow or orange spotting. Yellowish teeth are not very attractive and people might start to feel embarrassed and self-conscious, this is why this procedure is recommended. It seems that teeth bleaching doesn't only have benefits over the physical appearance it can help improve self esteem as well.
There are several ways to obtain bleached teeth, some procedures taking time in order to work while others taking just one dentist visit.

How does teeth bleaching work?
Since teeth bleaching or teeth whitening can be performed in a professional dentistry office or in the comfort of your own home the time in which the desired results can be obtain differ due to the concentration levels of the bleaching agents. This dental procedure is not very cheep if done by a professional but is not as expensive so you won't afford it. Over the counter bleaching kits are an alternative for people who are not very fond of visiting a dentist's office.

The main ingredients found in both professional and over the counter teeth bleaching products are hydrogen peroxide or carbide peroxide. Carbide peroxide is mostly used in professional tooth whitening procedures. The difference between the professional and over the counter bleaching procedures consists in the difference between the concentration levels of the bleaching ingredients. Dentists use higher concentrations of bleachers this is why the results are more rapid than with over the counter products. Both substances work in the same way, by penetrating the teeth pores found in the enamel covering the them and oxidizing away the stains. The bleaching results obtained can last for years and your teeth will not suffer damage in case the procedure is not done excessively and performed correctly.

Who can benefit from teeth bleaching?
People who's teeth present certain problems which are only at the surface of the teeth, can benefit most from these whitening treatments.

  • age spots

  • yellowish spots caused by foods and beverages

  • fluorosis stains

  • smoking spots

  • People who have sensitive teeth and gum disease should avoid receiving such procedures in order to avoid complications.

    Does teeth bleaching present any side effects?
    Because the ingredients found in the bleaching products are chemicals, they can damage the teeth in case of improper and excessive use. This is why it is recommended to turn to professionals to get this type of procedure done. The most common side effects experienced by teeth bleaching are tooth sensitivity and gum irritation.
    Dentists can determine if teeth bleaching is a procedure recommended for you, this is why it is best to choose a professional dental procedure over the home treatments.

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