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How to Prevent Cavities

Cavities are known for causing tooth decay so trying to maintain your teeth healthy for as long as possible is crucial as they help the eating process and well as the aesthetic look of a person. Find out what to do and how to prevent cavities.

The question of how to prevent cavities has probably been present since the first encounter with the dentist. Dentition is very important as it is our help in chewing food and the contribution to a beautiful smile.

What are cavities

Cavities are another term for tooth decay and can be recognized by the holed they create in the teeth. Bacteria, sugars, and acids that can be found in the mouth can destroy the enamel, which is the shiny whine covering of the tooth and cause the damage known as cavity. Once a cavity develops the tooth will decay until pain and inflammation occur, and the tooth is not salvable anymore. Preventive dentistry can help save teeth that have formed a cavity so check-ups are indeed necessary. As one knows teeth don't replace each-other so salvaging them is crucial.

Types of cavities

There are more than one type of cavities depending on type of damage done. Here are the types of cavities which affect most people:

  • coronal cavities which is known to affect most people. They are among the most popular cavities and they are known to affect the surface of the teeth by destroying the teethes enamel. These can be pit or smooth surface cavities which can be treated

  • root cavities are the cavities that affect the teeth due to the recession of the gums. With age, the gums slowly start to recede, leaving an exposed part of the teeth that is not covered by enamel to be subjected to the damaging effects of the bacteria. The root area is one of the most difficult areas to clean so it makes it even more difficult to prevent this type of cavity

  • Brushing the teeth cannot complete the job all the time as the teeth form crevasses which are sometimes narrower than the toothbrush's bristles making the cleaning process incomplete. Flosses and mouthwashes are meant to help clean the teeth as best as possible.

    How to prevent cavities

    There are several ways to try and prevent cavities from developing, so if one desires to have an impeccable smile and dentition following these steps is crucial:

  • perfect and regular oral hygiene is absolutely necessary because only this way the bacteria can be removed from the mouth and the teethes surface. There are a variety of toothbrushes available just to make your job easier so don't hesitate to brush your teeth thoroughly, floss and use mouthwash to remove all traces of bacteria

  • observing what is good for your teeth and what might damage them is also an important step in preventing cavities. Sugars are the worst enemy of your teeth so try to avoid high amounts of sugar intake

  • fluoride is known as an important ingredient in tooth protection, this is why increasing the fluoride intake might help strengthen the enamel, thus reduce the risk of cavities. Fluoride can be administered internally as well as externally so try the option recommended by your dentist

  • for people who are prone to tooth decay antibacterial treatments may be recommended to destroy the cavity causing bacteria. These treatments need to be prescribes by your dentist in case other solutions don't offer results

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